Ken’s video tour of the New Orleans rebuilding project

Pastor Bruce Davenport, volunteers and residents show us around the houses that are being rebuilt with the funds raised by the Online Marketing Jam Session. (Video below.)

The audio is faint in places – during many of the interviews, the city of New Orleans was busy tearing down a city block with big machines, neglecting to water the dust/asbestos piles as the incessant sound and dirty floated past us. But it’s well worth the effort.

Look at the state of the houses, over 2.5 years later. Listen to Pastor Bruce sharing the stories of his congregation’s fight to return to the their homes, and the obstacles placed in their way by government agencies.

And witness the transformative alchemy of three elements:

1. The church community, committed to staying together and not only surviving, but becoming a stronger voice of faith and healing than before.

2. The volunteers from Love Knows No Bounds in Ithaca, NY, who understand that when your brothers and sisters have been afflicted, you jump in and help as you can. You don’t ask, "Is this my neighborhood? Are they my color?" You extend a hand to others in your human family, and hope that the favor will be returned if the tables are turned some day.

3. You who are reading/watching this, for raising the funds needed to put sheetrock and nails and siding and roofing on the structures that are fast returning into homes. And for the funds to pay the New Orleans-licensed electricians whose presence was required before a single fiber of insulation, a single square inch of sheetrock, or a single drop of paint could be put up. You provided the fulcrum upon which this lever of love, outrage, and commitment moved worlds and brought hope and homes to our brave and faithful human family members.


Thanks to everyone for your support!

If you’re moved to send an additional tax-deductible check, here’s the address:

Pastor Bruce Davenport
St John #5 Faith Church
3613 Hamburg St.
New Orleans LA 70122

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