A Strategy for Tracking Offline Sales Back to the Ad and Keyword/Content Site

My friends at Vaelos.com have come up with an ingenious method of gathering online conversion data from offline sales, such as those that come in over the phone or in person. They aren’t comfortable with me discussing the technical aspects of it in as public a place as this website, but frankly, the technical aspects should concern you the least.

If you sell high-ticket items, two things are likely true:

You probably have to close a lot of sales offline, rather than just having your customers fill out a form with their credit card information

Tracking each conversion back to the marketing channel that generated it is extremely important because you spend so much money to generate every single sale.

That combination makes the Vaelos solution so ingenious and valuable. Imagine being able to grab a customer using AdWords, close them on the phone three weeks later, and have that sale – including the dollar value – racked up to the very campaign, ad group, keyword/content site and ad that generated the click in the first place.

This solution requires custom programming and it isn’t cheap (at least compared to a used Schwinn bicycle). But if you sell high-ticket items, or a large percentage of your sales occur offline, it will be money well spent.

To find out more, contact Rob Goyette at www.Vaelos.com. Tell him you heard about his offline conversion tracking system for AdWords, and would like to discuss whether it would work in your situation.

And say hello from me.

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