Traffic Tuesday: Open Mic Coaching 15 September 2009

If you like this call, you’ll love Traffic Surge. See below the video for details and registration info.

Are You Struggling to Find Affordable AdWords Traffic?

  • Do you have a web site and not enough visitors and sales?
  • Have you been “noodling around” online but haven’t found a market or a business model to commit to?
  • Are you running a successful business and just know there’s a way to use the web to take it to the next level?
  • Are you just getting started with AdWords and hitting the brick wall of Google Confusion?
  • Are you overwhelmed by all the different techniques and tactics and programs and courses, but don’t feel like you’ve found a solid foundation yet?
  • Have you spent painful amounts of time and money spinning your wheels in pursuit of that promised Online Jackpot that always seems to show up at somebody else’s door (somebody now selling a “get rich online” course)?

If you’re nodding your head in self-recognition at any of this, please take a few minutes to find out about a course I’m offering just for you. A 2-month program that will show you how to assess any online market and enter it with practically zero risk. It’s called Traffic Surge.

“I was concerned that the class would be over my head…”

If you’re thinking about Google AdWords, You NEED this class!

Being a newbie, I was concerned that the class would be over my head. There were newbies like myself and very experienced marketers in the class. Howie has a way of explaining things so that we all seemed to grasp the concepts right away. The more experienced among us weren’t bored, and even I was able to “get it”. Howie’s preparation and research were simply outstanding and I’ve since signed up for his Ring of Fire to have continuing access. Thanks Howie!

Dave Brown

Let me get more specific, to help you figure out if Traffic Surge is a good fit for you right now.

Have you experienced any of the following common scenarios?

Scenario #1: Zero Impressions, and Zero Help from Google

You set up your AdWords account, excited about the prospect of reaching millions of hungry buyers within minutes, and then – nothing.

You can’t find your ads when you search.

You look in your AdWords account – zero impressions.

You can’t figure out why.

You contact AdWords help and get some annoying boilerplate response.

You write back. And get another clueless reply.

Now what?

Scenario #2: Bait and Switch Click Prices

The AdWords traffic estimator predicts you’ll be paying about 25 cents per click in your market.

So you place a maximum bid of 25 cents. And wait.

Two days later, you discover you’re in position 71. No impressions. No clicks. And Google wants you to bid 89 cents to appear on the first page.

What?? What happened to a quarter?

But you’re still excited to get into AdWords, so you say OK, and raise your bid. And wait.

And now Google puts you in position 16. Second page. 8 impressions, no clicks. Now Google says, “$1.25 will put you on the first page.”

And you go, “A dollar freakin’ twenty-five? What happened to a quarter? What is Google, the world’s biggest bait and switch engine?”

Scenario #3: Puny Keywords, Tiny Trickle of Traffic

You set up your keywords and wait for the surge of traffic. And wait. And wait.

But it looks like nobody is searching for those keywords. Or hardly anybody. Or certainly not enough people to support you and your goals.

So you start casting your net wider, looking for other keywords. Misspellings. Long-tail variations. Little-known synonyms. But these additional keywords are even punier than your originals.

Have you just drilled for oil in a completely dry spot? Where are the customers?

Scenario #4: The Little Ad Copy that Couldn’t

You’ve solved the traffic problem – your keywords are getting lots of impressions, and your click prices are reasonable – when you can get anyone to click!

Your ads have CTRs so low you’re embarrassed to show anyone. You wonder, “Is this the worst AdWords account in the history of pay per click marketing?”

And your once-OK quality scores are now slowly sliding toward oblivion.

Scenario #5: Can’t Find a Market

Maybe you don’t even have a product to sell yet. You’re fed up with your day job (or maybe even lost it), and you’ve turned to the online world because you’ve heard so many wonderful stories about Internet Wealth.

But how do you choose an online market? I mean, there are millions of different products to sell. Different ebooks to write. Different affiliate programs to promote.

After all the hype, it turns out that marketing online isn’t the walk in the park you were promised.

Your spouse or significant other is getting annoyed at the money you’re spending on Internet marketing programs and courses and ebooks and memberships – with not a single dollar coming back.

Getting Over the AdWords Hump

I hear stories like these every day. (That’s why it was so easy to write that part of this letter – I just copied from the emails and survey responses I’ve collected.)

And it frustrates me, because I know how to help people solve these problems.

I’ve helped hundreds of consulting clients get over the AdWords hump – by showing them how to find the right keywords. How to organize their AdWords account for maximum clicks and minimum cost. How to find cheap sources of traffic on the Content network, when the keyword searches are measly.

“I was giving way too much money to Google”

John Withers

“Who the Heck are You, and Why Should I Listen?”

My name is Howie Jacobson. I’m the author of Google AdWords For Dummies. I’ve been consulting, coaching, and teaching online marketing since 2003. I’ve worked with giant corporations who fly me around the world to advise them on their accounts. I’ve guided hundreds of bootstrap entrepreneurs trying to make sense of online marketing.

I’ve presented at big Agora conferences, The System Seminar, Perry Marshall’s AdWords Seminar, and the Glazer-Kennedy Mastermind Group. I’ve taught literally tens of thousands of people how to make money using AdWords.

So it’s with complete confidence that I say I can show you how to get lots of predictable, affordable, and qualified AdWords traffic to your web site. It’s a learnable process, and I know how to teach it.

What you need isn’t just information, but input and guidance from an experienced AdWords user and teacher who has seen thousands of AdWords accounts. Someone who knows how to put together an easy-to-navigate curriculum, not just drown you in a firehose of information.

“But I’m a Non-Techie…”

I signed up for Traffic Surge hoping to get a live Adwords demonstration from Howie, who is one of the world’s leading Adwords experts and practitioners. I’m a non-techie, so I was mostly hoping to get a handle on the “mechanics” of Adwords. Instead, I received a full-blown education in identifying markets and opportunities online, systems for unearthing the motivations and desires of market niches, and a full-blown methodology for driving highly targeted and virtually limitless traffic to most any website.

I’m a monkey-see-monkey-do-type learner, and Howie’s method of teaching forced me to do Adwords. Before I knew it, I was setting up campaigns and ad groups with ease and writing ads to attract the right traffic, the people who really want to buy what I sell. I’d tried using Adwords before with limited success, now I not only know what I’m doing, but I’m actually doing it well. Traffic Surge is the reason I’m now able to make money online.

Aron Kressner
Bowery Lane Bicycles
Lazy Environmentalist

Howie is a great teacher and Traffic Surge was an exciting class that met the needs of both the beginners and seasoned veterans. I planned my weekly work schedule around the Traffic Surge times so I wouldn’t miss a session.

Sherrie Hardy

“Even as a 25 year Marketer, I could not figure out Internet Marketing…”

As a 25 year Direct Response Marketer – for the life of me I could not figure out how to transfer my marketing sensibilities into Internet Marketing. I took Howie’s Traffic Surge class, and not only did I quickly realize I NEVER would have figured out Adwords on my own, (without his course)…. But surprisingly: I ended up understanding how to communicate with that vague/unknown Internet Prospect: from a place of passion, excitement and honesty! And… how to AFFORDABLY reach them in Adwords. I love my website now! Based on the class’s coaching and critiques, I was able to revamp my site into a consumer friendly site, where ‘clickers’ stay, instead of hopping right off, and I am getting quality leads. I could not say enough about how great this course is. In 8 enjoyable classes, I went from a complete newbie/dumbie to a proud Internet Marketer!

P.S.: The group as a whole was knowledgeable and very supportive to help in any way they could. Can’t say enough about what a great course and experience this was!

Gabriella Donivan
Sun Coast Media & Marketing, Inc.

“A new way of looking at AdWords…”

Traffic Surge gave us a new way of looking at AdWords advertising, from analyzing a niche to see if it would be profitable to writing the ads, and how to use the AdWords Interface.

Richard and Betty Hanson

Announcing “Breakthrough Online Profits 101: Traffic Surge”

I’ve put together a comprehensive curriculum to take you from struggling AdWords victim to confident, traffic-hogging genius in 2 months.

It’s called “Traffic Surge” – and it’s the basis of everything else I teach about online marketing.

Without traffic, there is nothing else. No conversion. No repeat business. No customer service. No profit. No go.

If you’re struggling to affordably attract visitors to your web site or affiliate program, then that’s the first thing you need to fix.

Forget about redesigning your website.

Forget about that copywriting course.

Forget about changing ecommerce platforms.

All that stuff is like buying books on baby names when you can’t even get a date.

First things first.

“What Will I Get From Traffic Surge?”

When you participate in Traffic Surge, you’ll discover:

How to find profitable markets (and which ones are a waste of time) before you spend a dime on AdWords

How to predict real bid prices (not the fantasy ones produced by Google’s “Traffic Obfuscator Estimator”)

How to save dozens of hours of keyword research by spying on your competitors’ keyword lists

How to set up ad groups for maximum traffic and minimum spend

How to write effective ads (they’re not always the “super-hyped” ad copy – in fact, most successful ads are surprisingly low-key)

How to break into AdWords simply (you get step-by-step instructions and guidance so you’re in control the whole time)

How to split test ads correctly (most advertisers don’t test at all; those who do usually throw half their potential traffic at losing ads)

How to determine if an ad really is a winner (do this wrong and you’re testing yourself toward failure rather than success)

The one keyword type that can slash 30-70% of your AdWords spend immediately

How to set up broad, phrase and exact match keywords in ad groups

How to manage your AdWords account in minutes, not hours a day

How to attract tons of visitors who aren’t even searching for your keywords

How to learn from your market (so you can continue to profit from new markets even after the course is over)

“How is Traffic Surge Structured?”

Traffic Surge consists of 4 main elements:

1. Seven Teleclasses

2. Homework Assignments and Forum

3. Two Group Coaching Calls

4. Bonus: Shared Research Tool

Seven TeleClasses

We’ll meet for 75 minutes once a week, and through the phone, PDFs, and web-clinic style screen sharing, you’ll see exactly what to do and how to do it.

All teleclasses are recorded, so if you miss a call or two, you can make it up within a couple of days.

Here’s the structure of each call:

1. Agenda

2. Check-in on last week’s progress – coaching, brainstorming, and troubleshooting

3. Main Topic presentation

4. Discussion of Main Topic

5. Homework Assignment

6. Questions on Assignment

7. Tearful goodbyes until next week

“In-depth content with wit and wisdom…”

Howie Jacobson’s unique style combines in-depth content with wit and wisdom. Traffic Surge agendas and materials were well-prepared – yet flexible and open to change and adjustment. On more than one occasion, our agenda shifted in response to our group’s preference to explore specific topics. In my experience, a course presenter willing and able to make such adjustments – sometimes on the fly – demonstrates exceptional listening skills, customer responsiveness and in-depth knowledge of the topic.

The best evidence of my appreciation for the quality and value of Traffic Surge, was my subsequent enrollment in Howie’s Ring of Fire group. Traffic Surge was well worth the investment and will definitely benefit my business.

Mary Hemminger, Owner
Coherence Communications LLC

Homework and Forum

You’re busy. Really busy. Possibly busier than you’ve ever been in your life. So the danger is, you read this course description, think it’s great, sign up, and then never get around to implementing what you learn.

That’s where the Homework and Forum come in. Every week you’ll get a short, manageable homework assignment, and a forum to post your work. It’s a form of shared accountability that ensures you take action.

Here’s a screen shot from my advanced AdWords reporting course, “AdWords Ball,” to show you what to expect in terms of structure, organization, and accountability:

askHowie class structure

Got questions about the homework? Post it to the forum. I’ll answer, and so will your classmates.

No busy work, I promise you. Every assignment will build an important skill that you’ll need to engineer your Traffic Surge. And the class structure follows the JETS™ format – Just Enough To Start. Like Bill Murray in What About Bob, you’ll be taking manageable “baby steps” on your road to online market and keyword mastery.

Two Group Coaching Calls

You’ll be participating in two small-group calls (4-6 people), where you bring your challenges and questions, and get support and help from the other members of your group.

These calls are really important, because you get to step up and take control of your efforts and your destiny. Learning is awesome, but learning without doing is a waste of time and effort. The group calls are all about “What Are You Doing? What’s Working? What’s Missing? What Are You Going to Do Next?”

Bonus: Shared Keyword Research Tool

My favorite tool is Keyword Spy. It costs $140/month. You get to use it for free during the course.

Combine this with all the free tools I’ll be sharing and teaching, and you’ve got all the equipment you need to generate a Traffic Surge for your site or affiliate program.

Premium Bonus #1: Landing Page Clinic

If you choose the Premium Traffic Surge option, you get an additional bonus worth $197: the 3-part Landing Page Clinic. In these three live 1-hour calls (plus mp3s), you’ll learn how to optimize your landing pages. After all, once you’re getting qualified traffic to your site, you want to convert as many of them as possible to leads and sales. The LP Clinic will show you how.

Premium Bonus #2: 3 Months of Forum Support after the course

If you choose the Premium option, you get to stay in the Traffic Surge forum and ask questions of me all the way through February, 2010. So if you take a bit longer to get things going, you won’t be left without support and guidance when you’re ready to take action.

Here’s a visual example of a forum, to whet your appetite about the opportunity to ask specific questions and get timely answers from me.

“What are the Requirements to Participate in Traffic Surge?”

All you need is an AdWords account and some place to send the traffic. It could be your own site, the site of a client or friend, a non-profit you want to support, a link to an affiliate program, a hosted survey, or a free site on Blogger, WordPress, Squidoo, Hubpages, Youtube, etc.

Whether you have 1) an existing online business that needs AdWords traffic, 2) an offline business that you want to expand online, or 3) just a burning desire to start profiting from the Online Revolution that has passed you by so far – Traffic Surge will remove the frustration and confusion and paralysis that afflicts so many new AdWords users, and get you the traffic you need to start generating Breakthrough Online Profits.

You also need an attitude – a willingness to commit some time to the course. You see, this isn’t The Matrix. I can’t plug a cable into your head and teach you how to fly a helicopter or master kung fu.

You’re going to have to learn the information (yes, the “L-word” in a sales letter – I’m actually admitting that this isn’t an automatic “get rich while you sleep” deal).

And then apply it.

Do actual work.

And pay attention to the results.

Post your results to the forum for feedback, from me and fellow Surgers.

And then apply that feedback. And so on.

I’ll tell you exactly what actions to take. But you have to take the actions.

“Will This Work in Any Market?”

No, absolutely not.

If you want to sell something that nobody wants, or knows about, or is willing to pay for, then you’re out of luck.

Traffic Surge is not a magic “mind control” potion.

It only works when it connects a big enough market – a “mass desire” – to a well-presented solution.

In other words, if enough of them have an itch you can scratch, Traffic Surge will work.

If you’re looking for something to sell, then here’s a free secret that’s probably the most important thing you can learn about online marketing:

Don’t look for products to sell. Look for markets to serve.

And that’s where Traffic Surge comes in.

In Traffic Surge, you’ll discover the tools and steps to go through to find out exactly how what PWOWs (People With Open Wallets) are searching for online. You’ll see where you can compete, and where you can’t.

Where you can come in, and by serving a market well, make money.

Click here to register and reserve your place.

Don’t Delay – Traffic Surge Starts Sooner Than You Think

I’ve been so busy with other stuff, Traffic Surge almost didn’t happen in 2009. But at the last minute I decided to add it to the schedule, mostly because so many readers, subscribers and customers of mine have been asking for it.

So I snuck it onto my schedule for May-July, because I’m taking August off. Which means you don’t have a lot of time to make up your mind. Which is actually good – because wouldn’t you rather have a traffic surger sooner than later?

The first class starts on October 8, 2009.

If you’re ready to reserve your space, go here to register. You can pay all at once and save $99, or split it into three monthly payments.

How Much Does Traffic Surge Cost?

The “standard rate” for a course like this is about $2400-3000. That’s what I see my friends/competitors/business partners charging. And I’ve participated in several of those courses, so I know from first-hand experience that they’re worth it. If you do the work.

And if you have the money.

That’s a big “if” these days.

As I mentioned at the start of this letter, I read every single email and survey response that crosses my desk. I ask everyone, “What are your business goals?” Here are some verbatim responses:

“I am trying to create a full time living online so my wife can be a stay at home mom and we can be involved in our kids lives more and everyday.”

“To be able to go full time online and quit the day job.”

“Currently working full-time in addition to learning ppc. My first priority is to payoff all outstanding debt. Second priority is to earn enough with ppc so that I can leave my job and work from home. Third priority is to find a way to give something back to the community.”

“Currently to see if I can do this full time and be profitable.”

“To create enough income to quit my job and work from home.”

“My wife is ill, forcing us to relocate to a warmer climate for 6 months during the winters. This is costly and we have no income flow so to start, we need to stablize our situation and move forward from there.”

I receive hundreds of emails just like these. And many of them wrench at my heart. How could they not?

So Traffic Surge is crafted – and priced – with these people in mind. I know most of them can’t afford thousands of dollars right now, even if the knowledge in Traffic Surge will be worth many times that in the future.

Yet I can’t (and have no desire to) give this knowledge away. I know from experience that if people put little or no “skin in the game,” they won’t really take the course seriously. And I’m not running a charity, I’m running a business. I do my clients and students no favors by modeling a “give it all away” pricing structure. The more money I make, the more time and creativity I can devote to serving my clients.

So the price of Traffic Surge represents the balance point of these two desires: to help people who are struggling to make it online, and to price my time and expertise respectfully and appropriately.

Here’s where that is for me right now: $1047.

You can pay it all at once and save $99, or split it into three payments (notice I didn’t say “three easy payments” like the infomercials ;).

And if you take the class and don’t feel it was a good value, simply ask me for a refund and you’ll get it.

Course Details Fall 2009

  • Start Date: October 8
  • End Date: December 10

Teleclasses meet on Thursdays at 1pm.

Traffic Surge Basic Premium
7 Teleclasses
2 Group Coaching Calls
2 months of Keyword Spy (worth $240)
3-part Landing Page Clinic (worth $197)
3 months Forum support after the course (priceless)
Payment Options

Single Payment (save $99)


Traffic Surge Basic
1 payment of $948

Traffic Surge Premium
1 payment of $999

3 Payments

Traffic Surge Basic
3 payments of $349

Traffic Surge Premium
3 payments of $366

Got questions about Traffic Surge? Email me at support AT askhowie DOT com and we’ll figure out together if the course is a good fit for you right now.

I look forward to your first big Traffic Surge.


Howie Jacobson, PhD Author, Google AdWords For Dummies

P.S. I just want to reiterate my guarantee: If you don’t find the course valuable, you get your money back. So there’s no risk, and a whole world of potential upside for you.

I used to be worried about giving guarantees like this, but I’ve learned that almost no one takes advantage of me. People understand that they are responsible for showing up, thinking, and implementing.

And that I’m responsible for giving the best advice I can, teaching in as clear and motivating a style as I can, and creating a safe and judgment-free zone where everyone is free to ask questions and pursue their dreams.

If this deal makes sense to you, I invite you to take the first step on the path of online mastery with me. Register now to reserve your place.

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