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Thanks for your attention and questions during my talk. Since I rushed through a bunch of stuff, here are some of the key links and resources I either covered or almost covered on Monday, June 4.

The last link is for the FINALLY GET IT DONE AdWords Workshop I mentioned at the end of the talk. I know I’m supposed to avoid the word "work" in describing the process you go through to achieve success, but that’s what’s going to happen: 3 days of uninterrupted focus in an environment engineered to give you everything you need to tune up your website.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people to bring mediocre sites to profitability and profitable sites to mind-blowing success. In these 3 days, 12 people and four instructors (including Timothy Seward of ROIRevolution, Erik Wickstrom (my secret weapon programmer), Ms. X (another AdWords expert who flies below the radar), and I working together to FINALLY GET IT DONE.

I hope my presentation convinced you that I know my stuff, that I’m sincere in imparting value, and that the workshop will be all content and no fluff (and yet tons of fun). I have a few slots left, and I hope the right folks will join me in getting things done once that will positively affect profitability for years to come.

Key 1: Market Research

Keyword Research Tools:

Free Tool for Preliminary Research:

In-depth Keyword Research:

Keyword Manipulation Tool for AdWords: (The successor the to the first software tool I made)

Market Research:

The Magic Flea Market:

Find out what keywords your competitors are bidding on :

Trends over time:

Online Stores: PayPal, eBay, amazon, Clickbank

Key 2: Traffic to Your Site

Sign up for Google AdWords:

Key 3: Your Web Site

Video Welcome example:

Membership site with great info on using video on the web:

Live Chat:

Live Chat for Direct Response: Ari Galper’s Unlock the Internet Game:

Key 4: Staying in Touch

Email autoresponder:

Shopping Cart with follow-up capability:

Shopping Cart with follow-up on steroids (makes direct marketers drool, truly!):

Key 5: Constant Improvement

The animals of Analytics:

Do you have a winner? Manual version:

Do you have a winner? Auomated version:

FINALLY GET IT DONE AdWords Workshop: – mention Peak Performer on your application and the hotel’s on me!

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