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Ring of Fire

Option 1: Join the Ring of Fire Coaching Club. It’s not just about the forums, inside scoops, expert interviews, monthly coaching calls, and so much more; it’s about access and being part of the conversation. Not only do you get to pick my brain, but you join a group of folks on a similar quest with oftentimes complementary expertise.




Really, That’s It



What? Oh, what’s the other stuff below? Just, well, other stuff – you don’t need to worry about it now, it’s all discussed on the Ring of Fire. You want an Option 2? Are you sure? Ok, but proceed at your own risk.

Option 2

Choose from below:

Not quite ready for the Ring of Fire, but need help with AdWords? Check out LOMS – The Look Over My Shoulder AdWords Success Videos. These 35+ short videos show you how to perform the most important AdWords tasks. Psst, this is included for free as part of the Ring of Fire so you may want to go back and check that out again.

Btw, if you have not yet subscribed to the BOPzine, go there now so you can start receiving this free series of articles delivered via email each week.

Need Help with Your Market?

Here are a couple of tools you might find useful. This first tool is free and easy to use – the Market Assessment Tool will help you determine whether it makes sense to use AdWords in your market. The second tool is highly recommended for keyword research. Keyword Spy enables you to find out what your competitor’s are doing online and what your potential customers are searching for. While not a free tool, this tool is also freely available to members of the Ring of Fire.


If you really want to excel in your market, then check out CheckMate a Powerful AdWords strategy to get more of the right clicks. Hot off the shelves!
Traffic Surge

If you are ready for a surge of traffic to your business then stay tuned for the next offering of Traffic Surge, a 7-week telecourse.

Want some feedback on your AdWords campaign?

AdWords X-Ray

The AdWords X-Ray may be just the thing for you. Try a 30- or 60-minute AdWords X-Ray to discover the profit leaks and opportunities in your online marketing.

Have campaign(s) running, but overwhelmed by all the numbers?

This powerful tool, the Magic Adwords Button, transforms AdWords reports into profit generators.

In the AdWords Ball 8-week telecourse you’ll learn how to get AdWords to track tons of data for you, smart ways to test, and then how to make decisions by focusing on what’s most important. Learn how to drive leads, sales, and profits through the roof while cutting your advertising expenses in half. Coming to a field near you this Fall 2009.

Want some feedback on your website?

Website Scorch

A Website Scorch may be the answer. Try a 30- or 60-minute Website Scorch and receive an in depth video critique of your website.

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