I’ve created askHowie not as a firehose of information, but a kind of online marketing academy. So there’s an order to the madness here, even if it isn’t always apparent from the outside.

To get the most from this site, here’s the recommended order of products and courses. Follow this order to ascend the ladder of online marketing mastery at a sane yet challenging pace.

Marketing Training

Step 1: Learn for Free

If you’re not a subscriber to the BOPzine (Breakthrough Online Profits Ezine), that’s your first step. You can do that here:

Step 2: Look Over My Shoulder AdWords Videos

LOMS screenshot Would you like Google AdWords For Dummies to spring to life from your shelf and show you exactly how to do AdWords? Check out LOMS – The Look Over My Shoulder AdWords Success Videos.

These 35+ short videos show you how to perform the most important AdWords tasks. (LOMS includes an option to try the Ring of Fire coaching club for 3 months for free – see below.)

Step 3: Join the Ring of Fire Online Coaching Club

Ring of Fire Would you like to be able to contact me whenever you’re confused, or need an expert pair of eyes to look at a web page, AdWords report, or new Google feature or rule??

Would you like to hear monthly interviews with top marketers and quietly successful online business owners, sharing their techniques?

The Ring of Fire includes access to one of the best keyword research tools around, Keyword Spy. If you were to buy your own subscription, you’d pay $140/month for the version we include in the Ring.

Join the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire is not just about the forums, inside scoops, expert interviews, monthly coaching calls, and so much more; it’s about access and being part of the conversation. Try it free for a month and then decide…

Home Study Courses

AdWords Checkmate

When you advertise online, you have to stand out amid a sea of competitors. Howie’s proprietary Checkmate Method will quickly show you how to Checkmate Your Competition by positioning yourself as the obvious choice.

More info here…

Traffic Surge

Jedi guidance on the path of AdWords mastery. Traffic Surge includes written, audio and video training, comprehensive PDF tutorials, homework assignments, and a live forum for questions and feedback.

More info here…

Landing Page Clinic

Got enough traffic, but can’t turn your visitors into leads and customers? The Landing Page Clinic shows you how to turn your search-driven landing pages into conversion machines. Bonus section on beating the Google Slap by creating pages that Google – and your prospects – will love.

More info here…

Leads into Gold

Online marketing is complicated and always changing, sure, but there’s one aspect that’s fundamental and never-changing: online marketing is a subset of the discipline known as Direct Response Marketing. Every successful online business owner has to master Direct Response Marketing to survive and thrive online.

Leads into Gold is a powerful introduction to multi-step Direct Response lead generation marketing. If you sell products and services that people won’t buy directly from your site the first time they visit, then Leads into Gold will give you the foundation you need to succeed.

More info here…

Live Events

Camp Checkmate

Schedule of upcoming camps and full details here…

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