If AdWords is kicking your butt – or you want to start using AdWords minus the long and agonizing learning curve – this web page is for you.

“I’m Spending Money on AdWords –


But Where Are the Customers?”

Google AdWords is the world’s fastest way to send qualified traffic to your website. Choose some keywords, write an ad or two, and baby, here comes the money!


Um, that’s not how it worked out for you?

The Truth About AdWords

Google AdWords is the world’s fastest way to show your ad to millions of people. But choose the wrong keywords, and you’re showing your ad to the wrong million. Write a me-too ad and nobody visits your site. Write a hyped-up ad and too many people – the wrong people – click and cost you money.

Show your visitors a confusing landing page and instantly waste all the money you’ve spent on AdWords.

The Mighty AdWords Engine That Could…Make You Rich or Make You Poor

AdWords is an incredibly fast and flexible and universal advertising medium. That’s what makes it so great.  But that’s also what makes AdWords so dangerous to non-experts…

Expecting to beat AdWords without some training is like hoping to win the Indy 500 because you just bought a 680 horsepower Dallara IR2 with Xtrac gears and Agusta castings.If you don’t know how to drive the thing like a champ, not only will you lose, but you might crash and burn.

(Full disclosure: I have no idea what any of that car jargon is about – it’s all from Wikipedia and Google. I tried to change my oil once, and I know how to add windshield wiper fluid, but that’s the limit of my car expertise or passion.)

Would You Like to Make Your Own Mistakes, or Learn From My 8 Years of AdWords Experience?

Imagine how quickly you could master the basics if you could spend an hour at my office, looking over my shoulder as I work on AdWords campaigns.

You’d spy on me as I:

  • Do quick and dirty keyword research
  • Set up, run, and act on split tests
  • Uncover my competitors’ ads and keywords
  • Assess landing pages
  • Schedule ads to run only on certain times of day or days of the week
  • Copy entire campaigns in seconds
  • Display critical data that Google prefers to keep hidden
  • Prevent competitors from seeing my ads
  • And much more…

And imagine if I narrated every action, so you could understand what I was doing, and why.

And suppose I let you videotape every single thing I do in short clips, so you could replay whatever you needed to see again and again.

What Customers Say About LOMS

“Howie Jacobson taught me more about AdWords and E-Commerce in an hour that I learned from 16 excruciating sessions of Google Tutorials and a stack of books big enough to build a signal fire with. If you are a visual person who likes to ‘see and do’, his Look Over My Shoulder video series is a godsend of common sense in cyberspace chaos.

His knowledge of tools, techniques, and strategies are testament to his mastery of this little understood but lucrative way to start, grow, or revive your business. He is also a man of self-deprecating integrity that is seldom seen in this world of hype and hoopla. I recommend his services without reservation.”

Steve Weakley

Emmy Award Winning Television News Executive Producer


KING, KTLA, Fox’s Good Day LA, KUSI, and former Senior Editor Microsoft

“you see exactly how it is done … it helped me immensely”

John Chancellor

New Orleans, LA


Strategic Growth Mentors

“The LOMS videos are perfect – this is the way I learn best. I’ve only gone thru 2 so far and am eager to continue.”

Pete Summers

Austin, Texas


Endurance Zone

“the cool thing is watching him show you … the difference between seeing it and reading it is huge”

Rick Louis



Introducing the “LOMS AdWords Success Videos”

Look Over My Shoulder (LOMS) AdWords Success Videos: dozens of short clips (average 2-5 minutes) that show you how to perform the most important AdWords tasks.

What’s in the LOMS AdWords Success Videos?

  • How to find out if a market has “profit potential” in 10 minutes
  • How to discover all your competitors’ keywords
  • How to find the right keywords using the free Google keyword tool
  • How to tell what Google thinks your landing page is about
  • How to change one line in your ad to double CTR instantly
  • How to use the Google Search Results to figure out what your prospects want
  • How to split test ads the right way
  • How to specify the time of day your ad shows
  • How to choose specific websites on the Display Network to display your ad
  • How to set up a new search campaign the right way
  • How to see what the Google Search Results look like anywhere in the world
  • How to copy entire campaigns in seconds, not hours
  • How to triple your keyword list by adding punctuation
  • How to get Google to reveal the Quality Scores of your keywords
  • How to keep your competitors from seeing your ads
  • How to keep track of all the changes to your AdWords account
  • How to create landing pages that don’t chase away visitors
  • How to craft your landing page Call To Action
  • How to improve your landing page quality score
  • How to use email to convert reluctant prospects
  • How to find out which Display Network websites are costing you money
  • How to find out which keywords are actually bringing visitors to your site (the exact ones they type, not necessarily the ones you bid on)
  • and much more…

Would you like to discover exactly how to find profitable markets, leapfrog your competition, and set up simple tests so you keep improving while everyone else without this knowledge just stands still and hopes for the best?

Getting back to our Indy 500 metaphor, LOMS shows you how to drive so you can compete safely – and win. Here’s a sample video that shows how to get Google to tell you what keywords it associates with your landing page. This is crucial information, because if you send keywords to an “unrelated” landing page, Google will penalize you by raising your bids big-time.

The JETS Principle = Just Enough To Start

From 1999-2001, I was marketing director and consulting associate for Bregman Partners, an innovative organization development firm based in New York. The founder, Peter Bregman, rocked the training and development world with his pioneering JETS methodology.

Rather than sit people down for days and teach them everything they needed to know to perform a particular task or develop a certain behavior, Peter designed JETS sessions – just a couple of hours in which participants would learn JUST ENOUGH TO START.

They wouldn’t get it perfect, but they would begin practicing and mastering the skill. And they would learn much faster, and retain much more, than their colleagues who would spend up to 4 days in training courses. And because they weren’t overwhelmed, they took action.

The AdWords Success Videos are powered by a JETS engine.

Each AdWords Success Video was created according to the following principles:

  • Short: most are under 5 minutes long
  • Action-oriented: not just knowledge, but know-how, with just enough principle to guide you to do it yourself
  • Highest return activities: you get the tactics and tricks that can give you the most bang for your time and effort

I figure you probably don’t have the luxury of four days to lock yourself in a room, ignore your business, and become a complete AdWords expert.

Nor do you want to rush into AdWords without a basic “driver’s ed” course.

In LOMS, you get just enough to get started. Just enough to improve every aspect of your AdWords campaigns.

The best way to learn something is to watch it being done right. And then trying it for yourself.

And unlike a live course, where if you sneeze you miss it, you can pause, rewind, replay, and rewatch the LOMS videos as many times as you like.

Why Should You Take Action Right Now?

Here are three reasons:

1. Instant Implementation

LOMS shows you actions you can take right now to increase profits. Watch it, do it. Don’t let another day of potential AdWords profits pass you by because you’re not getting impressions, clicks and sales.

2. No Risk

Don’t like LOMS? You have 90 days to try it out. If you’re not totally satisfied that I’ve kept every promise I make on this page, contact me for a speedy and no-hassle refund.

3. You’re Too Busy Not to Learn the JETS (Just Enough To Start) Way

Lots of people know how to do AdWords. You can’t throw a stick without hitting an AdWords guru on the web these days. But how many of them are experts in teaching? In keeping things simple and actionable?

The For Dummies company specifically chose me to write Google AdWords For Dummies in part because of my reputation for making things simple to understand. And simple to do. Plus, if you put my DNA under a microscope, you’d see the following amino acid pattern: T-E-A-C-H-E-R.

So you can learn the JETS way, or you can CRAWL (Cluttered, Redundant, Agonizing Way to Learn).

But Wait…There’s More! Check Out These Cool Bonuses…

Bonus #1: The AdWords Master Checklist ($37 value)

This is the pre-flight checklist I use when I set up an AdWords campaign. It keeps me from making mistakes, and ensures a logical, systematic approach. Otherwise, all this knowledge just bounces around in my head and comes out randomly. The AdWords Master Checklist includes 48 items in the following categories:

  • Account Settings
  • Campaign Settings
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Dashboard Management
  • Keywords
  • Ads
  • Display Network
  • Website
  • Analytics
  • Sales Process Optimization
  • Conversion Metrics

Bonus #2: AdWords Introductory Teleseminar MP3 and PDF notes ($30 value)

I introduce AdWords to a group of public speakers and authors looking to get more online action. The rules: No Geek-Speak. No pitching. Implementable strategies only.

You will learn:

  • where to find the best keywords — and which ones to will cost you, big-time
  • the three goals you need to set for your ad to be successful
  • the single most important task of the page visitors will first see
  • how to lay a sound foundation for your AdWords campaigns — to pay less for more customers
  • how to set up and automate reporting to continually improve your results
  • how to never overpay for an AdWords click

Here’s the complete rundown one more time:

AdWords Look Over My Shoulder (LOMS) Full Product
Full Access to the LOMS Success Video Library
Access to Ongoing Updates and Additions
The Adwords Master Checklist ($37 value)
AdWords Introductory Teleseminar mp3 and pdf downloads ($30 value)
Price US$47.00
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If the system accidentally burps out your credit card or if you have any questions, please email my office directly (support AT askhowie DOT com) and let us know how we can help. Don’t forget to include your telephone number and a time to call you.

What Happens When You Click the “Buy Now” Button?

You will be taken to a secure page where you can fill in your credit card or PayPal details. This will be verified instantly and you will be sent to a page where you can enter your name and email to log in to the LOMS Videos.

Once you enter your name and email, you’ll receive an email with links to the bonuses.

The “You’re Thrilled or I Insist on Returning Your Money” Guarantee

You have 90 days to try LOMS and see if it helps you get the flying start you’ve been looking for. If you’re unhappy for any reason, simply send an email to support AT askhowie DOT com for a prompt and hassle-free refund.

So you have nothing to lose, and a huge competitive advantage to gain. If you’re ready for the JETS way of getting AdWords done, give LOMS a try.

I look forward to guiding you to the online breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity,

Howie Jacobson, PhD

Author, Google AdWords For Dummies

(The Guy with the Shoulder You’ll Be Looking Over :)

P.S. Remember, LOMS AdWords Success Videos costs about the same as a tank of gas (unless you drive a weed whacker). And think how far and how fast you can go online with guidance from a expert with a proven track record.

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