Are You Struggling with Poor AdWords Quality Scores?

Howie Jacobson here, with an important announcement about Google’s Quality Score algorithm:

It’s not as big a mystery as most people think.

If you’ve been doing AdWords for any length of time, you know that you can’t compete if your account is saddled with lousy quality scores.

And lots of advertisers are tearing their hair out: "I use my keyword in the ad and on the landing page – why is Google telling me that my quality score is Poor? Why are they making me pay $10 to get onto the first page of search results? Why do they hate me?"

(I get emails like this just about every day.)
And if you’ve ever tried to get an AdWords rep to explain why your quality score is in the toilet, you know the very dictionary definition of "frustrating and pointless."

So I got on the phone with my friend and colleague Kristie McDonald, who works at a large AdWords management agency, and asked what insights she had into this huge and painful topic.

As it happened, she had a lot. You see, Google sends their top AdWords people to give private briefings at the big agencies.  (You and I have to click the "Help" link at the top right of our AdWords screen and hope for the best – Kristie gets the people who make the rules coming right to her office to explain them. Hardly seems fair…)

So Kristie gets briefed on a regular basis by AdWords BigWigs on the details of quality score – and how to get Great ones. Not only that – she evaluates and tests every one of those strategies with her own clients -so she not only knows the "official" rules, but also when and how to apply them.
I interviewed her for a solid hour, recorded every word, and was blown away by what she revealed.

Do you know:

  • There are actually two different quality scores. And that each one is calculated independently. And that if you fail either one, you’re sunk.
  • That creating a new AdWords account won’t help your quality scores.
  • Why "new" keywords are typically assigned poor quality scores – and what to do about it.
  • How Dynamic Keyword Insertion in an ad affects keyword quality score.
  • Whether it’s better to pause or delete poorly performing keywords.
  • Google’s "real" best practice guidelines for keywords, ads and landing pages.

Quality Score Secrets

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