Get an X-Ray to Quickly Discover & Plug the Profit Leaks in Your Online Business

The X-Ray quickly identifies profit leaks – elements of your sales funnel that are underperforming and costing you money. From keywords to ads to campaign management to reporting to landing page optimization to product selection to followup, I’ll show you the X-Ray and give you a prescription for instant improvement.

Your First Step: Choose an X-Ray below. You’ll receive an email with a series of questions about your business within 1 business day. (All information will be kept confidential.)

Scheduling: Once you answer the questions, I’ll be in touch to schedule the X-Ray.

The Call: We’ll spend the entire call looking at how to optimize your online business. You end up with an action plan that you can immediately implement to cut costs and increase profits.

Recording: The call will be recorded for you and you’ll receive an electronic copy, so you won’t have to scribble furiously to capture ideas and marketing copy. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Fee: The 30-minute call is $375, and the 60-minute call is $750. (For most people, 30 minutes is perfect. If your campaigns are extremely large and complicated, the full hour might be better for you.)

The Guarantee: You have 15 minutes to try me out, no obligation. If you don’t think you’re getting your money’s worth, you can stop any time in the first 15 minutes and pay nothing. Starting at Minute 16, the full session’s a go.

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