Are You a Candidate for Coaching?

You're growing your online business, and despite what you've heard about the "Internet Lifestyle," you're working way too hard for way too little money.

You know there are things you can do to increase traffic to your site, but you're not sure of the steps to take.

You believe your site could do a better job of turning visitors into customers, but you don't know how to test and improve scientifically and systematically.

Howie, one hour with you is like getting a Phd in AdWords and the Internet!  Your suggestions on my website, Internet marketing, and your guidance on how customers think will make an immediate impact on our profits and how we do business.  Can’t wait to finish the course and put all your strategies and tactics into play.  It is rare in today’s world to find someone who is not only extremely knowledgeable but also cares enough to take the time to assist others in their success.  I cannot thank you enough!”

Ken Taylor
Ken Taylor & Associates, Inc.

You have a "sort-of" team in place, but your marketing plans don't zoom into action – they creak. Every change, every test, every new strategy feels like pushing a square-wheeled bus up a mountain.

You know you could be doing better, but you just don't have the…







right socks…

My friend, you need a coach.

And not a "You Can Do It" coach, who pumps you up during the session, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and competent, until you come back down to earth and realize that you still don't have the knowledge, skills and experience to get done what needs to be done.

And not a "My Way or the Highway" coach, who knows one technique or formula and can't adapt it to your unique situation.

And certainly not a "Whatever" coach, who doesn't have the guts to hold your feet to the fire and demand the best you have to offer.

No, my friend, you need a coach who knows Online Marketing cold. Who is also an experienced teacher, coach and consultant. And who understands human motivation and the mechanics of behavior change and growth.

My help has been the edge that many successful entrepreneurs have needed to blow past every barrier and challenge that was keeping them from the life they wanted.

I'm generally fully booked, but occasionally spaces open up (like the time I told one coaching client to conquer their fear by doing that firewalk – actually, forget it).

How to Contact Me For Coaching

If you'd like to explore a 6-12 month coaching relationship in which we team up to create Breakthrough Online Profits for your business, give my office an email shout: coaching AT askhowie DOT com.

We'll get on the phone and talk about your current situation, your goals, and the challenges that have been getting in the way. Whether we decide to work together or not, you'll leave the call with a clearer picture of what you need to do, and you'll be more energized than you've been in months.

Listen to some clients talk about their experiences here: AdWords Coaching Testimonials.

Three Reasons Not to Hire Me

  1. I'm not cheap. Hiring me represents a serious commitment on your part to achieve goals that will push you beyond your current struggles.
  2. You'll have to do real work. Real thinking, real research, real stretching.You won't be able to go back to your old shape after the growth we'll achieve for you. This work is the real thing.
  3. I tell the truth. I do it as kindly as I can and I do it only in the pursuit of your goals, but I don't beat around the bush. You may hear things about your business  that aren't flattering. I believe that the first step in getting OUT of prison is acknowledging that you're IN prison.

If those three reasons haven't completely dissuaded you from working with me, contact my office to schedule an appointment to talk. That's the only way to get on the waiting list, anyway.

Here's the email again: coaching AT askhowie DOT com (replace the AT and DOT with the appropriate email punctuation).

Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity, Howie

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