Keynotes and Training

Ahem. Ahem hem.

OK, now I’m ready to give a dazzling, exhilarating, motivating, mind-blowing, value-providing presentation, speech, workshop, seminar, or sonnet (rhyming only) to your company, organization, club, group, quilting circle or bowling league. My talks are engaging and interactive, because I find it much easier to solve your problems than memorize a speech.

“There are Pretend Experts and Real Experts. Howie Jacobson is one of those Real Internet Experts who can connect with anyone, at any level of online competency.”

Bill Glazer, Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle

Topics include:


  • The Checkmate Method of Competitive Marketing
  • Compelling Interest by Tapping into Your Prospect’s Hero’s Journey
  • The 5 Keys to Online Marketing Success, No Matter What Your Business
  • Instead of Cold Calling: Get Your Prospects to Chase You (for service businesses and independent professionals)
  • Testimonial Farming: How to Use the Genuine Delight of Your Customers to Grow Your Business
  • Today Google AdWords, Tomorrow the World: How to Cheaply and Quickly Fail Your Way to Success
  • Why People Hire Me Even Though I’m Dumber than Dice: The Power of Testing and Tracking
  • How to Read Minds: The Power of Keyword Research
  • Building the Know-Like-Trust Bridge with Email
  • Your Web Site: A Giant Objection Factory
  • Turning Clicks to Clink: Landing Page Strategies
  • A White Paper of One’s Own: The Most Powerful B2B Marketing Tool Dissected and Put Back Together
  • Managing the Odd Couple: How Business Development and Operations Can Work Together Instead of Curse Each Other Out

Peak Performance:

  • The Franchise Player Diet – How to Eat, Drink and Think Like a Superstar
  • Managing Your Energy at Work and Play
  • Getting (the Right) Things Done
  • Staying Productive While Beating Stress
  • Time Mastery for Procrastinators

All talks are customized to your audience, and can contract or expand to fit the time required (from 1 hour to three-day boot camps). They include exercises, Q&A, and web pages with links to the resources mentioned in the talk.

Fees and Programs:

  • Keynote Speaking Engagement
    Up to a 2 Hour Presentation $10,000
  • Half Day Program
    3 – 4 Hours $12,500
  • Full One-Day Boot Camp
    6 – 8 Hours $15,000
  • Three-Day Boot Camp
    Three 6 – 8 Hour Days $30,000

For scheduling information, please contact us.

Specialized Training Programs

Specialized and individualized training is also available. Please contact us and we will have an askHowie representative contact you to schedule a call with Howie. He will gather the necessary information, and a pricing package will be presented to you at that time.

Click here for some audience testimonials, gathered at a Glazer-Kennedy Peak Performers Summit.

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