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  "I learned a lot today about how to improve my website. For years I have heard people talk about Google Adwords but no one has ever really taken me through it step by step with a pointer of a mouse and showed me this is what this does and this is what that does. That is exactly what Howie did today on the computer screen. It just visually…I am a visual learner myself,  And he just absolutely helped me to see what this whole mysterious Google Adword thing will look like and how you actually test words and what the hit rates are all the other things that he showed us  today It was very effective and I got a lot out of it."

 Tom Nardone, Real Estate Entrepreneur


  "We’re here at our Peak Performers meeting and we just heard Howie talk about the internet and all the different things we can do on it. Very impressed … And from a guy who is not internet savvy, I’m telling you …he is the best!  Listen to what he has to say!"

Tim Smith – The Cookie Dough Man


" We just finished the Peak Performers meeting for 2 days. We thought that Howie’s presentation was the best presentation of the 2 day period and we got a lot out of it!"

Roman Kowalewski, Co-owner of Florida Income for Life


 "I had an opportunity to see Howie speak at the Peak Performers meeting today and Howie was able to put across what most people would consider a complex subject in a very simple and easy to understand way; which is so important when its technology that folks are involved with.  He also is aware of direct marketing and is teaching about marketing. The fact that he can combine a knowledge of what makes you money with what makes making money easy… which is the technology… the money making comes from the marketing and the technology helps make it all easy.  The fact that he can put both of them together makes him a very valuable resource up in front of the room… Thank you Howie!"

Matt Clark – Success Dynamics –


  "I attended Howie’s talk yesterday… FANTASTIC!  He has a really natural way with the audience; engaging, very eloquent and articulate. His ability to establish rapport was quite surprising… And don’t take this the wrong way Howie, but I am married to a computer geek and I spend a lot of time in that world and with those people.  You so do not fit that mold… your speaking ability far surpass most that I have heard and you really just connected with the audience in a way that most technologically oriented people cannot accomplish. Fantastic job … I enjoyed being there!"

Lina Penalosa  – The Write Solution –


"Howie Jacobson is one of the funniest internet speakers I have ever met. He has great information – I learned a lot. I am implementing some of the information that he gave and I highly recommend him."

Lee Milteer


"I just wanted to say that Howie’s talk was great… it was full of content, had some great information in it and he kept attention well and I particularly liked his sense of humor. So I am going to take a couple things home and we are going to see about making use of them.  Thanks a lot Howie!"
Everte Farnell Tampa Bay area, Florida



Howie did an excellent job with his presentation – made it really easy for us “dummies”…so to speak; but he also made it easy to listen to… I didn’t get overwhelmed because of his personality and presentation skills… good job!

Chris Mullins Mullins Media Group


We just got done with Howie’s portion of the seminar and it was wonderful.  Very informative, very light hearted, kept us very energized.  Quite frankly, if he can do it, anyone can. Thanks Howie!
Alex Pemberton – St Petersburg Florida


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