Bonus from Howie: What you said “Yes” to in Las Vegas

and a time-sensitive offer at the bottom of this page…

Howie Jacobson here, with your bonus from the StomperLive conference in Las Vegas last month.

You're here because you wrote YES on the back of your business card, piece of notebook paper, or dirty photograph following my presentation on how to do video the right way.

I offered you the slides and audio of an in-depth exploration of the Hero's Journey.

Here's the audio: Hero's Journey Exploration with Glenn Livingston

And here are the slides: Hero's Journey Slides

As you may remember, I offered a one-day workshop on Sunday 10/10/10 on scripting your video. I was quite pleased with the results, and was encouraged to continue sharing this work.

I'm working on an online version of the workshop, which will run as an 8-week course, including presentation, homework, feedback on your script drafts, and resources to get your video shot and produced inexpensively and effectively.

If you're interested in finding out more about this course when it's ready for market (probably January 2011), do nothing and I'll send you updates and valuable "teaser" content.

If you aren't interested, grab your bonuses above, then check your inbox for an automatic email from me and click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom. But before you go…

Special Offer – Good Until Friday November 12, 2010

If you'd like a little more of me right now, I recommend getting started with the Landing Page Clinic. Three-part home-study course that shows you exactly how to increase the effectiveness of your landing pages. At $193.32 or three payments of $67, it's not a wallet-buster. And of course if you don't love it, you get a 100% refund, no hassle.

But, of course, I want to instill a little urgency into this offer.

So if you get the Landing Page Clinic before midnight on November 12, 2010, the prices are as follows:

Single payment of $153.54 (savings of $39.78)

Three payments of $53 (savings of $42)

Oh, and the sales letter for the Landing Page Clinic is refreshingly short :)

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