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The AdWords Strategy of "The Secret" – interview with Dan Hollings, the mastermind behind the online marketing of "The Secret" movie, book and website

MP3 Audio (105 minutes, 25 MB)   PDF Transcript (36 pages)

Testimonial Farming: How to Seed, Nurture, and Harvest the Genuine Praise and Delight of Your Customers to Grow Your Business – a conversation with Howie Jacobson, Richard Beatty and Dave Williams

M4B Audio   PDF Transcript (37 pages)

How to Go From "Who Are You?" to "My Wallet’s Out" in 30 Seconds – interview with Ann Convery, president of Speak Your Business

MP3 Audio (63 minutes, 14 MB)   PDF Transcript (21 pages)  27 Makeovers PDF (9 pages)


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