“FINALLY GET IT DONE” AdWords Workshop

If you’ve said to yourself “I really should do…” when reading or listening to online marketing experts' advice during the past year, and you’re spending at least $1,000/month on AdWords, this may be the most important web page you’ve read this year…

Spoiler: This sales letter describes an exclusive 2-day AdWords/Online Marketing implementation workshop on October 1-2, 2010 in Durham NC.

The cost is $3995/person, and it’s only worth it if you’re already successfully using AdWords, yet haven’t done all things you should to optimize your traffic and conversion. Instead of learning a bunch of new things, you’ll spend three days putting what you already "sorta know" into action.

There are 6 spaces available, and when they're gone, they're gone. So read carefully, think hard, but don't procrastinate if you want to attend…

Participation is by application only, and I'm only going to accept people who will contribute generously and intelligently to the group, and whom I know will benefit from the workshop.
Click here to apply ($98 fee, refundable if your application isn't accepted) and reserve your space.

If you’ve been studying AdWords for any length of time, you know the fundamental AdWords and Internet Marketing strategies:

  • Uncovering your market’s hidden desires through comprehensive keyword research
  • Creating a laser-powerful USP to stand out from the crowd
  • Constantly split testing and improving Ad copy
  • Constantly split testing and improving landing page conversion
  • Using Peel and Stick to focus ad groups tightly around keywords and targeted landing pages
  • Building comprehensive autoresponder sequences to increase conversion and visitor value

And every year a whole bunch of people make huge amounts of money just by doing these basic things consistently.

And these things aren’t that hard…

And yet I’m guessing that you aren’t doing them all. Maybe not even most… Maybe not even half…

For almost everyone, there’s a GIANT GAP between knowing what to do and actually doing it. And that gap is the biggest obstacle to success in the world.

Because knowing what to do is the cheap and easy part.

Heck, you could buy Google AdWords For Dummies for $16.47 on amazon and hold in your hands a complete blueprint for Internet success.

The Knowing – Doing Gap

Why don't we do what we know we should do? I have an easy answer to that question: I get caught up in habitual responses, time-wasting tasks, and knee-jerk routines, and I keep myself busy instead of forging ahead. I’m a frigging genius at staying active. Peek over my shoulder and see the myriad ways I can avoid hard work:

  1. Checking email
  2. Hand-coding a website
  3. Answering phone calls
  4. Running to Staples for some office supplies
  5. Surfing the web for new time-saving software products to improve my productivity
  6. Downloading and installing trial versions of said software and playing with them
  7. Reading sales letters for new and better products, courses, seminars, and “mind over matter” personal development secrets that will give me even more things that I’m not doing.
  8. Reading blogs, forwarding articles from The Onion, watching The Daily Show online
  9. Registering domain names that I may someday use (anybody interested in “humanchow.com”?)
  10. Doing half-assed keyword research for the domain names that I just bought
  11. Searching for funny quotes for a newsletter I stopped writing in 2004
  12. Visiting a website that I used to do work for to see how it’s changed since I left
  13. Running back to Staples for a magnetic whiteboard so I can put all my priorities on index cards and manage my time better
  14. Running to Home Depot for more mounting hardware for the magnetic whiteboard when the first set falls through the wallboard

In sum, a symphony of well-grooved patterns, habits of procrastination and avoidance that are just easier and more pleasurable in the moment than the work that will pay dividends in the future.

So I got to thinking, “How come we all make such a big deal about implementation in the entrepreneurial marketing world? Why is it such a challenge?”

I mean, think about it. Was implementation a problem for most of human history?

Caveman: “I know I should go out there and chase down a mastodon, but first I’ll just repaint the  cave.”

Nomad: “I can’t deal with packing up the yurt one more time. Let’s just stay here this winter and take our chances.”

Farmer: “The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye, but I’m gonna sit on my butt and play my plywood mandolin until the crows eat it all. So sue me.”

And you know what? I was a school teacher from 1983 through 1998. I assigned boring, difficult and pointless tasks to students ranging in age from 7 through 14. They didn’t choose the tasks. They couldn’t see the benefit of the tasks. They didn’t get candy, or money, or external rewards of any kind for completing the tasks. But guess what?

98% of those tasks got done. Not all perfectly, not even all well. But the rate of “non-implementation” was negligible. The $64,000 Question: WHY?

Why We Procrastinate: Environment + Habits

We’re all hard-wired to fit in to our environments and the expectations of those around us. If you go to class and the teacher expects you to do your homework, you’ll do it. You may have to stay up late, to struggle, to cheat – but you’ll hand something in. Especially if you believe that your peers will do the same.

Sure, you can work your butt off to change your habits. But research shows (and we all intuitively get) that it’s much easier to change your environment and then develop new habits within that environment. It’s harder to eat healthy in your home than at Canyon Ranch spa. You’re more likely to keep your office organized if you don’t have to leave your chair to file papers.

Environmental Key #1: Social Pressure

If you’re in an environment where it’s easier to do the hard work than not do it, you’ll get things done. I’ve read about studies that show your income is an average of the incomes of the five people you spend the most time with. You rise – or fall – to fit in with the expectations of the people around you.

That’s why so many successful people hire coaches. Yes, we coaches are brilliant and all that, but basically the best of us are simply a temporary boss for hire. You do better because you don’t want to face my disapproval during our next call.

Environmental Key #2: The Right Tools

One of my favorite New Yorker cartoons shows a guy lying on the ground on his back with his feet up on a desk. The caption: “I’d be more productive if I had a chair.”

My students always had the tools at hand to complete their assignments. Pens and markers. Paper. The library. Rulers, protractors, compasses. Construction paper. Hair dryers and ping-pong balls. Clay and tubs of water. Barbie dolls and heavy duty garbage bags (don’t ask).

  • If you wanted to install Live Chat on your site, do you have the right tools? If you can’t program the code just right, do you have access to someone who can?
  • Are you running Google Analytics or some other web analytics tools yet? If so, is it correctly configured, so it gives you useful results and not tail-chasing junk? Do you know how to link it to your AdWords account, to your shopping cart, to your non-ppc traffic sources?
  •  Do you have split testing software that makes it easy to split test web pages? To find out when your Google ad tests achieve statistical significance? Have you automated your AdWords reports to give you invaluable business intelligence on a regular basis?

Do you have the productivity tools you need to be as successful as you can be, or would you be more productive with a chair (metaphorically speaking, of course)?

Environmental Key #3: Time and Permission

In your regular work environment, do you have the time for high-level thinking about your business? Or are you mostly reactive, dealing with situations that arise from moment to moment?

Of course, you know that you could have the time if you really made that high-quality time a priority. So you also need permission from yourself to take the time to do the strategic, proactive work that separates the stars from everyone else. And the easiest way to get permission to do something is to surround yourself with others who are also doing it.

Set it Up Once, Then Benefit For a Long Time

The cool thing about internet marketing is how darn easy it is to put your systems on auto-pilot – providing you’ve created them in the first place. Set up conversion tracking right just once and you’re almost certain to make more money next year.

Imagine what you could accomplish during that time if you were given the proper environment: positive social pressure from peers who understand what you’re up to, the right tools, and time and permission to focus on the Big Stuff. Add experienced coaches and consultants guiding you to success.

Do you think you could:

  • Improve your ad CTRs and ROI?
  • Improve your landing page conversions?
  • Get conversion tracking working, automate your reporting and stop wondering about which keywords and web pages are making and losing money?
  • Automate conversion reports and ad testing?
  • Tweak your keyword bids based on ROI to save money?
  • Finally roll up your sleeves and create the 3-month autoresponder series, or the 7-day mini-course, or the new sales letter to test against your control?
  • Peel and stick to improve your quality scores and lower your CTRs and bid prices?

And would those actions make a difference to your business?

I know you don’t have time to do this at home. If you did, you’d have done it already. So here’s my idea: Let’s block out the time and give you an environment that makes it easy to do it than not do it. Before you go to your next seminar to learn something new, how about making a commitment to advance what you already know, to put it into action.

Because actually doing it beats the hell out of thinking about doing it or reading about doing it.

Announcing the “FINALLY GET IT DONE” AdWords Workshop

Here's my solution: A short workshop focused 100% on implementation of things you already know you should be doing.

A very small group of people (6 maximum) working under my direction and guidance, doing the things that will take your business to a higher level. We’ll cover a topic, not in theory, but by applying it to your business. You’ll have at your fingertips access to processes and tools, code and coders, and anything else you’ll need to take the next big leap forward.

If you apply and we agree that this workshop is a good fit, here’s what to expect:

The FINALLY GET IT DONE AdWords Workshop

Starting on Thursday, September 30 at 9am, we’ll tackle a couple of action items per day, including:

  • Establishing Checkmate Your Competition Positioning in your marketplace
  • AdWords Campaign Optimization (Peel and Stick, Bidding, Structure)
  • Keywords and Market Intelligence – long tail, other markets
  • Testing and Improving Your Ads and Landing Pages
  • Landing pages that get the job done (opt-in, sale, whatever)
  • Autoresponders and Broadcasts to increase conversion and lifetime value of a customer

Through guided solo work, small group feedback, challenges, hot seats, brainstorming sessions, and coaching, you’ll FINALLY GET IT DONE.

(This is not a "LEARN MORE STUFF" seminar. I love those, and find them incredibly valuable to my business, but I generally find that when I get home I not only have seven new things to try, I'm behind on all the stuff I didn't do during the seminar. So most of the new breakthrough strategies go into my "Someday/Maybe" file, and have no impact on my business at all.)

You’ll be working in an environment set up to enable your success. It’s the difference between trying to work out on your own and working out at the gym under the guidance of a knowledgeable and motivating trainer; a purposeful and motivating environment can make all the difference.

Rev Up Your Brain and Have a Blast!

If you're worried that it will be "all work and no play," fret not. I know that simply chaining you to a desk won't make you more productive, more creative, and more insightful. I've planned out a schedule that includes many different types of activities, so you stay engaged and don't get bored or fatigued. After all, who cares how many autoresponder emails you can write in a weekend if they all sound like you're writing from prison?

You'll get your work done by engaging in hilarious and mindbending exercises like:

Trading Brains
    Write Me an Email
        Dear Doctor Freud
            Dear Diary
                Don't Sell Me…
                    Great Escape
                        Rule Breaker
and more…

And these aren't gimmicky, feel-good simulations that have nothing to do with your business. These exercises are proven ways to stimulate creativity, focus your energy, and get you unstuck. After all, if being productive feels like crap, you're not likely to keep it up after you leave.

Not only will you get your work done, you'll discover fun and energizing ways to work more productively in your home environment, so you can schedule your own FINALLY GET IT DONE workshop whenever you want.

We’ll work 9-5 on Thursday and Friday, with an optional evening session. Breakfasts and lunches included.

Click here to apply ($98 fee, refundable if your application isn't accepted) and reserve your space.


The workshop will take place in Durham, North Carolina, in a beautiful wooded residential retreat 30 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the recommended hotels. I live in a co-housing community, and I’ve reserved the entire Common House (think condo association Club House, only less cheesy) for this event. Transportation will be provided.

The Common House is a perfect place to do “creative” work – sit back with your laptop and a cool glass of lemonade, write three emails in that autoresponder sequence, stretch and take a break with a stroll through the meadow, come back and write three more, take a ride on the zip line, finish the sequence. Surrounded by a bunch of other people doing the same thing.

Your Workshop Leader

Howie Jacobson, Master Internet Coach (I gave myself that title, shortly after giving myself the certification of Master Internet Coach Trainer, which allowed me to bestow the Master Internet Coach title upon myself)

I’m a high-performance coach who understands, practices, consults and teaches AdWords, split testing, copywriting, and online marketing. I’ve consulted and taught at big companies, written copy for solo entrepreneurs and huge organizations (does The Imperial Intergalactic Federation mean anything to you?), and coached thousands of business owners and marketing managers to breakthrough profits.

I'm also the author of Google AdWords For Dummies.

My background in education, my work experience as an organization development and personal performance consultant and coach, and my internet marketing experience (creator of Leads into Gold, co-creator of The System Smart Beginners’ Course, and co-founder of The PPC Agency) position me strongly as someone who can help you get over the hurdle and do that project you’ve been putting off for so long.

Click here to read some testimonials about my coaching.

Click here to apply ($98 fee, refundable if your application isn't accepted) and reserve your space.

Click here to submit a "Request for Conversation" to find out if this workshop is right for you.

Who Should Attend

I’m reluctant to spend a lot of time convincing you that this $3995 workshop is worth the money, because if you need to be convinced, it probably isn’t worth it for you. So instead of hyping the millions you’ll make, here’s a profile of the ideal participant:

A.    You spend a significant amount on clicks and know you could be getting more clicks and higher ROI if you did all the stuff you should be doing

B.    Your important ad groups receive more than 200 clicks per day (or more than 5000 impressions per day).

C.    You haven’t created different landing pages for each ad group.

D.    You don’t easily and systematically split test all your landing pages and consistently improve landing page conversion.

E.    You don’t generate conversion reports to assess keyword ROI and ad value on a weekly basis, at least.

F.    You don’t have fully fleshed out autoresponder campaigns for each stage of your sales funnel.

G.    You haven’t optimized your campaigns and ad groups in a while (including tweaking bids and peeling and sticking underperforming keywords).

If both A and B, and at least two statements from C-G describe your current situation, you are a strong candidate to benefit from this workshop.

Obviously, I don’t know exactly how much money you can make or save based on these two days, so these are just guidelines. You cannot register for the workshop without talking with me first. Together we'll figure out if it will be a good fit.

Click here to apply ($98 fee, refundable if your application isn't accepted) and reserve your space.

Click here to submit a "Request for Conversation" to find out if this workshop is right for you.

The Guarantee

If you show up and don’t feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth by the end of the day on Friday, I’ll refund your entire tuition. (That's why we're going to talk first before you're accepted into the workshop – I need to make sure you can hit a grand slam while you're here so I don't have to eat any refunds.)

Application and Payment Process

You can’t order directly off the website. Instead, if you’re interested, click below to submit an application. If you aren't accepted, the entire application fee is refunded, so there's no risk. It's just a minor hurdle to separate the serious from the frivolous.

Click here to apply ($98 fee, refundable if your application isn't accepted) and reserve your space.

This is no false scarcity trick – I will only work with 6 participants – the first 6 whose applications are submitted and accepted.

Travel Details

Air Travel

You'll be flying into small and friendly RDU, the Raleigh-Durham airport. In addition to Orbitz or whatever online booking service you prefer, check out Southwest.com, JetBlue.com and AirTran.com for great deals and (often) direct flights.


The nicest place to stay is the Hilton Durham near Duke University (AAA 3-Diamond Rating).

Airport Transportation

The hotels have a deal with a local cab company to transport guests to and from the airport for $25 each way. When you register, you’ll receive a packet with information on reserving a ride. Since there will be so few participants, we can try to coordinate schedules and save money and carbon by carpooling.

The Call to Action Repeated

If you’re interested in FINALLY GETTING IT DONE:

Click here to apply ($98 fee, refundable if your application isn't accepted) and reserve your space.

Hope to see you in Durham on September 30!

Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity,

PS Can't make this workshop but want to be notified about future workshop dates and locations? Gimme your name, email, and zip/postal code (plus country, if not US) and I'll put you on the FINALLY GET IT DONE AdWords Workshop notification list.

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